Nigeria born. New York raised.

With every image I create and every moment I capture, my intention is to remind my audience that we can connect and are connected to each other more than we might believe or some might want us to believe. From Nigeria to New York, from Massachusetts to Mississippi, I have seen the bonds that can be formed and growth that can be made in unexpected ways when we allow ourselves to be open to the experience. When you look at my work, I hope you can feel yourself behind the camera, can feel yourself in the scene, or can otherwise identify with the energy and content of my images in a way that fits who you are or strive to be so that you can see a bit of yourself in these varied, beautiful moments.

In addition to the work you see here, I also do headshots and event photography, and I have other photography projects and a blog underway. To learn more about my projects or my blog, inquire about working with me for your headshots or an event, or to contact me for any other reason (collaborations and general positivity are always welcome), please fill out the inquiry form below.  







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